Saturday, March 15, 2008

Got some shop time......

Yeah, I know I said I would be better at posting. Well, things are still quite busy and to be quite honest, it is hard to get motivated to go into a sub-freezing shop to work on the guitar. It takes a good half hour to get the temp up to a decent working level and the humidity level in my shop has been too high to do much. Once the shop temperature gets above freezing consistently, I will be able to fire up the de-humidifier again and hopefully get back to work.

I spent a couple of different days in the shop and as of now I have the rosette done, the side braces on, and the top braces cut. Instead of writing everything I did, I took pictures that I will show instead.

Here is the Ziricote rosette ring after sanding flat and before routing the channels for the perfling strips.

If you look, you can see that I routed with the bit splitting the redwood and ziricote. This gives a nice clean edge on the ziricote. The wood was very hard to cut originally and get a clean edge. This method works well to get a nice clean edge. I used this method on the last 3 guitars and I really like it.

The outer channel cut and the strips temporarily put in to see how it looks.

Both channels are routed and ready for the perfling strips.

The perfling strips glued in and ready to be weighted down. The joints are on the left side of the picture which will be hidden under the fingerboard extension.

Here are all of the side braced cut and ready to be glued in.

Here is the rosette sanded flat and wet with naphtha. I am happy with the look.

Here are the top brace blanks cut and the X brace notch has been cut.

Here are the side braces glued in place. I ran out of clamps when I glued in the first batch so that is why the last 4 are clamped in place. The others are dried.